Louis Vuitton celebrates photography and architecture with #MyFLV

ARCHITECTURE and photography are intricately bound within Louis Vuitton’s brand ethos. Earlier this year in May, to celebrate the fourth year since its striking Frank Gehry-designed building has opened publicly, Fondation Louis Vuitton held a photography contest encouraging the museum’s visitors to share photos of the iconic steel-and-glass structure. Anyone could enter simply by posting their original photos on Instagram and tagging the foundation with the hashtag #MyFLV. Now, a month after the close of the contest, the decisions have been made by a jury, and seven winners have been chosen:

Pierre Châtel-Innocenti(@chatelp)
Mathieu Collart (@thiouse)
Roseline Diemer (@roxdmr)
Yi-Hsien Lee (@nevermind1107)
Boshiang Lin (@boshianglin)
Jean-Guy Perlès (@selrep)
Jérémy Thomas (@pho__thomas)

These talented photographers will be granted a one-year VIP access pass to the Fondation and a cheque of €2,000. Fondation Louis Vuitton will also be using their work for digital and print campaigns, and will feature them on social media throughout the summer.

Photograph by Pierre Châtel-Innocenti (@chatelp)

Fondation Louis Vuitton campaign with photography by Jean-Guy Perlès (@selrep)

by Kay Leong 




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